Shure P9RA (L6E) – Trådlös InEar-mottagare


Shure P9RA trådlös inear-mottagare.

Mottagare och hörlurar ingår vid bokning av inear-sändare.
Band: L6E

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The Shure PSM® 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System offers an unprecedented combination of
superb audio quality, robust RF performance, and category-leading features for the most demanding professional applications.
Patented Audio Reference Companding and advanced digital signal processing technology provide excellent stereo separation and audio clarity.
Exceptional transmitter linearity vastly reduces frequency intermodulation, allowing more channels per frequency band.
Patented CueMode technology enables the sound engineer to monitor different stage mixes with the touch of a button.



Tri-Band RF Filtering: –3 dB at 30.5 MHz from the center frequency of each band

Active RF Gain Control: 31 dB Adjusts RF sensitivity to provide more RF dynamic range

Active RF Sensitivity at 20 dB SINAD: 2.2 µV

Image Rejection: >90 dB

Adjacent Channel Rejection: >70 dB

Squelch Threshold: 22 dB SINAD: (±3 dB) default setting

Intermodulation Attenuation: >50 dB

Blocking: >80 dB

Audio Output Power 1kHz @ <1% distortion, peak power, @32Ω: 100 mW (per output)

Minimum Load Impedance: 9.5 Ω

High Boost: Selectable: +2 dB, +4 dB @ 10 kHz

Volume Limiter: Selectable: 3–9 Limits volume adjustment knob. Selected value analogous to volume knob increment.

Net Weight: 200 g (with batteries)

Dimensions: 99 x 66 x 23 mm (3.9 in. x 2.6 in. x 0.9 in.) H x W x D

Battery Life 4–6 hours (continuous use) AA batteries


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